• advanced beauty inspired by the ocean

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About us

OMNIS is a gender neutral beauty brand born in London. Our products are organic, vegan and cruelty free. 

We have been inspired by Mediterranean nature creating ultra- nourishing and powerful products. We pride ourselves on effective formulas that offer high performance inclusive beauty solutions for all. Our core philosophy is to create result driven products with a focus on sustainability and to promote a culture that celebrates diversity in beauty.

Our products have been carefully made to offer optimal results on both male and female skin. The base ingredient is sea water which is full of beneficial minerals followed by a versatile and carefully curated assortment of natural flora. 

We strongly support enhancing natural beauty and protecting skin from external damaging factors. Therefore, our products aim to help your skin by utilising sustainably sourced ingredients that if used regularly as part of your routine will leave visible signs of healthier and fresher skin. 


"My skin has never looked so smooth and dewy, this serum is amazing"


"The moisturiser is magic, it has really imroved my skin complexion and texture"